Institute for Vocal Advancement

The Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) is an organisation that offers both exceptional vocal education and a certification program for professional singing instructors worldwide.  IVA seeks to train singers and teachers of singing how to use their voices to their full potential in the healthiest and most efficient way. It also seeks to educate and produce the finest voice instructors in the world, by developing, promoting and maintaining the highest standards for the teaching of singing.

It strives to continually develop its education program with the latest research in vocal science. It also offers education in other essential aspects of singing and performance in order to meet the needs and interests of singers and voice instructors worldwide.

IVA is a continuing support team for the students and teachers who are involved in the organization. A sense of community, trust, and transparency is essential. Rather than revolving around a single person, its method of vocal technique is developed and refined as an outgrowth of its uncompromising search for truth and knowledge regarding the workings of the human voice.

It seeks to inspire a passion for excellence in teaching and to connect vocal instructors of the world together in order to share, learn, and grow.

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Professional Vocalist

Claire McCartin's distinctive blues voice is a much awaited fresh breath among Malta's evergrowing pop and rock scenes. With a voice which hints Eva Cassidy and Nina Simone, she is constantly evolving as an artist, performing regularly in Malta and also beyond our shores, namely in Russia, Austria and the U.S.

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(+356) 99262511

Claire McCartin Vocal Studio
3, Triq il-Prinjol
Iklin IKL 1833