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Claire McCartin Vocal Studio is proud to have on board a great Performance Coach – Lucienne Camilleri.

As a Performance Coach, Lucienne Camilleri aims to eliminate limiting or ineffective beliefs that can keep performers from reaching their full potential. Students will develop a strong and stable performance confidence and learn to focus on what’s most important in practice and presentation.

She will instruct them on how to deal with frustration, distractions, and doubts, eliminate inhibitions and let go of mistakes and frustration. She emphasises the use of positive characteristics and works to eliminate the unhealthy ones. Students will learn how to identify the fear that can keep them from performing their best. She will set appropriate and effective goals and use strong pre-performance routines to build confidence and focus. Students will also be taught how to devise suitable practice routines.


Commenced dance classes at the age of eight and proceeded to practise in ballet, modern jazz, Spanish flamenco and eastern dance.

Contributed to the theatre as an actor and choreographer. Acquired roles as dance captain and actor in Slipper and the Rose, Phantom, Forbeden, Cardboard City, Rocky Horror Show, La Revolution Française.
Choreographer and dance captain for operettas at the Manoel Theatre under the direction of Mr George Micallef and Mr Joe Izzo. These included, amongst others, Cin Ci La, Al Cavallino Bianco, Il Paese dei Campanelli and La Vedova Allegra.
For the past 16 years, has been tutoring acting skills and technique and putting forward students for the London Trinity examinations in Individual Acting Skills. Has taught at Drama Troupe and was employed for 12 years at De La Salle College as a drama tutor.
Has co-directed and directed musical productions including Thank You for the Music, A Spoonful of Sugar, Back to the 80s and Destination: Musicals, Destination Musicals: One more time, Dazzle, Carmen – the Rock Musical and a walk-through production of A War To End All Wars? at Madliena Fort.
Has written script for Carmen – the Rock Musical, Striking Out for Ziguzajg, Literature in Symphony, a Kreattiv funded project and A War To End All Wars?

Has also put up theatrical productions including An Irish Engagement, Fourteen, To Be Immortal and excerpts from Amadeus to mention a few.

In 2016, wrote and directed Belliegha Rockin’ the Underworld at Teatru Rjal.
Directed Laugh? I nearly went to Miami! in 2017 and wrote and directed A Case of Cabaret in 2018.

These last few years has tutored students in Musical Theatre and Acting through Song, and also tutored candidates sitting for Rockschool board examinations.

In the last 2018 project, Ghosts of Christmas Past, Lucienne created a script with an emotional delivery keeping in line with the Christmas spirit conveyed through narrative, movement and rock carol music. She was responsible for the direction and training of the actors as well as the general artistic direction of the project.


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Claire McCartin's distinctive blues voice is a much awaited fresh breath among Malta's evergrowing pop and rock scenes. With a voice which hints Eva Cassidy and Nina Simone, she is constantly evolving as an artist, performing regularly in Malta and also beyond our shores, namely in Russia, Austria and the U.S.

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