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Intensive Jazz Singing in L.A.

Intensive Jazz Singing in L.A.

Printed in The Malta Independent on Sunday dated 30.08.2009:

Malta’s up and coming jazz and blues singer CLAIRE GALEA, has just returned from a trip other aspiring artists can only dream about. Her strength, timbre and versatility turned the head of her London-based tutor Joshua Alamu, who noticed that she had what it takes and suggested that Claire travel to the City of Angels and superstars, Los Angeles, to attend the world renowned Seth Riggs’ Summer Vocal Program, both as an artist and as a teacher in training.
Seth Riggs, American vocal coach to the Stars, founded the Speech Level Singing technique. SLS is based on the concept of singing in the same comfortable manner as you speak. It allows a singer to sing through their entire range and through bridges with the same connected, even, strong, flexible sound at any pitch and volume, and in any style without strain or superfluous effort. Among Seth’s pupils are over 120 Grammy award winners including Natalie Cole, Barbra Streisand, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

Although a program of such high calibre and prestige could make anyone feel a little daunted, Claire’s previous experiences in performing before local and foreign audiences, including some very high profile guests, have made her a force to be reckoned with.

Claire was one out of only twelve who qualified to attend an intensive Advanced Jazz Singing Course by Michele Weir, whose vocal arrangements and orchestral works have been performed and recorded worldwide. Ms Weir was the Musical Supervisor for the DreamWorks film, “Prince of Egypt” and its foreign dubbings. She has been featured as guest vocalist at hundreds of Jazz festivals and as a pianist has toured extensively with a variety of artists. Under her tutelage Claire learned the intensity of the art of Jazz Singing and creative expression. She personally coached Claire in phrasing, ornamentation, vocal improvisation, style and communication of emotion.
Throughout the program, Claire also attended lectures by acclaimed artists, composers and professionals such as American songwriter, keyboardist and music producer Patrick Leonard, who is well-known for his long collaboration with Madonna.
In the near future, Claire will be one of only two Maltese qualified to teach the critically acclaimed Speech Level Singing technique. Her professionalism, dedication, attention to detail and people skills will undoubtedly shine through to those students lucky enough to get the chance to study with her.


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