Claire McCartin

Claire McCartin’s distinctive blues voice is a much awaited fresh breath among Malta’s ever-growing pop and rock scenes. With a voice which hints Eva Cassidy and Nina Simone, this evolving artist has been appreciated and included in the works of recognized local artists.

In the past, Claire studied classical music, voice and theory, and for six years she performed as a choir member and soloist of the Maltese gospel choir EnKor. From 2000-2016, she was a member and soloist of the ever-popular VOICES choir, which raised extensive funds for charity through a spectacular 10-day performance every 2 years. In January 2006, Claire had the honour of performing the Russian song ‘U zerkala’ during a concert for the then President of Malta at his residence in San Anton Palace. Also in 2006, she had the opportunity to attend workshops by Sir David Willcocks (Classical) and Prof. J. Thomas (American spirituals).

In order to sustain and enhance her versatility and vocal exploration, in 2007, she trained at the Malta Academy of Performing Arts, studying stage performance, song-writing and the critically acclaimed Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique with London-based Joshua Alamu. She joined the SLS teacher program in 2009 and worked as a certified SLS instructor herself for five years.

In October 2008 in Russia and again in June 2009 in Austria, Claire was invited to perform at private banquets for audiences who hailed from various countries around Europe.

In summer 2009, Claire travelled to Los Angeles, California, to attend the Seth Riggs’ Summer Vocal Program, both as an artist and as a teacher-in-training. She trained under the great Seth Riggs himself, whose pupils include Grammy award winners Barbra Streisand, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. Claire was also one out of only 12 who qualified to attend an intensive Advanced Jazz Singing course by Michele Weir, whose vocal arrangements and orchestral works have been performed and recorded worldwide. Claire learned the intensity of the art of Jazz Singing and creative expression, ornamentation, style and communication of emotion.

In February 2010, Claire was one of 20 finalists in the GO MaltaSong Festival leading up to the Eurovision Song Contest. Out of 122 contestants, Claire made it through to the final with “Ole Satchmo Blues”, a song composed by herself and written in collaboration with Erin Stewart. Also in 2010, Claire took part yet again in another edition of Voices concerts, worked as a vocal coach for the cast of the musical ‘Back to the 80s’, sang with the Mediterranean Voices choir at the Royal Albert Hall in London, and also performed together with a select few from Voices during the famous annual Concerto di Natale, broadcast on Italian TV.

Claire believes in continuous study to always better herself not only as a vocalist but as a musician and artist. In September 2011, she completed a 2-year program with the renowned Berklee College of Music, Boston, U.S.A., gaining a Master Certificate in Theory, Harmony and Ear Training. In 2013, Claire decided to move to the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), an organisation completely focused on quality teacher training for singing instructors worldwide. She is now a Licensed and Certified Level IV Advanced IVA instructor. More recently, she also joined Modern Vocal Training (MVT) based in Spain – an organisation which gives a total vocal and artistic education based on old school traditions, mixed with contemporary methods, vocal science and artistry, and also PROFTY, a global artist development platform.

Claire now works from her own vocal studio mentoring several established and also upcoming artists. She has a few projects lined up for 2022 putting this education to good use – performing, song-writing and becoming an even better vocalist and educator.

“Claire Galea stood out both for the quality of her voice and for her technique.”
Cecilia Xuereb (music critic – Voices concert 2006 – The Sunday Times, October 15, 2006)

“Claire McCartin is a singer whose voice commands attention. Hers is a voice with the kind of strength and versatility that is reminiscent of legendary artists such as Eva Cassidy and Joni Mitchell.”
Joshua De Cadenéx (celebrity vocal coach)

“Claire has developed as one of our best soloists. She sings her solos with a strong and secure gospel voice, very controlled, rich in timbre, and full of expression. Her breathing technique is excellent and this enables her to colour her solos appropriately.”
Johanna Van Lent-Singels (director of EnKor gospel choir – 2009)



Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA)

Modern Vocal Training (MVT)

Michele Weir

Claire McCartin Vocal Studio

Claire works from her own studio as a vocal instructor, certified by the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) and also Modern Vocal Training (MVT). She aims to bring out the best in all her students and equip them with the tools necessary to evolve into expressive and confident singers.

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