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SLS Artists’ Showcase

SLS Artists' Showcase

2nd Performance Class… with Wayne Micallef

Every so often, I organise performance classes at my studio. No parents, no judging, but still, experience in performing before an audience. I hope that these performance classes will be a little step which will encourage my students to make that bigger step to move further on in their musical careers. Our second performance class was held on 17th September.

As always I usually have a guest singer in attendance, this time it was the well-known singer/composer/song-writer Wayne Micallef, who gave a little talk about his own personal experiences in the music industry, and answered many questions especially about the hurdles he encountered along the way. We were lucky to have a small private concert by Wayne too at the end.

One of the important things i learnt from Wayne was what he said about the music industry in Malta. He said that the Maltese usually say that people can’t make a living out of a music career here in Malta but he certainly does. I learnt that if you want something in life you have to give it your all.
Gilbert Gauci

Rockschool coming to Malta!

1st Performance Class… with Petra Zammit

I had been meaning to organize some sort of showcase for my students for some time. Finally I managed and yesterday we had our first Performance Class at the studio. There were no parents and there was no judging involved. The aim was to help the students gain more confidence in themselves, get more experience being on stage and performing in front of people, and also to help them strengthen their belief in their potential. First they sang a song of their choice after introducing themselves to the rest of the class, explaining who they are, how long they’ve been singing and what their goals are. Then we were very lucky to have a guest artist in attendance – the well-known Maltese r&b singer Petra Zammit. She gave a little talk about her own personal experiences in the music industry and answered many questions. I am planning to have these performance classes every two months – a little step which will encourage the students to take that bigger step to further their musical careers.

Noa at Concerto Di Natale

On 4 December 2010, as part of a selected few from the ‘Voices’ choir, I participated in the eighteenth edition of Concerto di Natale, the traditional television appointment on RAIDUE broadcast on the night of December 24th, providing a musical backdrop on Christmas Eve for all Italians. ‘Voices’ backed international renowned artists like Irene Grandi, Noa, Antonella Ruggiero, Lighea, Musica Nuda, Sonhora, Cesaria Evora, Katia Ricciarelli, Mario Biondi, Gigi D’Alessio, Maurizio Tassani, the New York State Gospel Choir, and the fabulous Al Jarreau.

Noa, the marvellous Israeli voice fighting for peace in the Middle East, and her fabulous guitarist Gil Dor asked especially to have ‘Voices’ join them singing her famous song from the Oscar-winning film Life is Beautiful.  We were so lucky to have an intimate session rehearsing and harmonising with Noa and Gil, witnessing two true musicians at work – one voice and one guitar creating beautiful lasting music.


Professional Vocalist

Claire McCartin's distinctive blues voice is a much awaited fresh breath among Malta's evergrowing pop and rock scenes. With a voice which hints Eva Cassidy and Nina Simone, she is constantly evolving as an artist, performing regularly in Malta and also beyond our shores, namely in Russia, Austria and the U.S.

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